t o r i i  ||  the heart behind the lens

Love; Raw. Deep. Immeasurable. Passionate. Electrifying. Ethereal. Everlasting LOVE. The essence to every beating heart. The fragrance we crave. We live it, we breathe it, we are constantly seeking it. Embracing love always with open arms.

There is no sweeter feeling, no greater story, than that of the love we share for those dearest to us and the love we hold within ourselves. My soul sings when I see love being shared. In the eyes of a mother holding her newborn child. In the shy grin of young couple on a first date. In the grip of a partners hand as they cling to the one who sets their heart on fire. There is the magic that comes with love. Indescribable warmth. A story. 

...That's where I come in. 

My desire is to capture your genuine emotions in moments big and small, to make the indescribable feelings display themselves as stories for those of the future. To freeze real life magic and share it with the world. So what do you say...

Let's make MAGIC!